GMR evaluates short and long-term strategies and evolving technologies to determine the best energy solution for our clients.

GMR’s Energy Assessment Platform provides a thorough review of a facility’s existing lighting conditions. We analyze current energy consumption and on-going lighting maintenance costs to determine energy-efficient strategies. GMR’s highly trained team of Energy Audit Professionals conducts comprehensive on-site lighting assessments and evaluations that result in reduced energy consumption, consistent lighting delivery, and lower operating costs.

GMR’s Energy Division is staffed with leaders in the Construction and Engineering industries who provide deep knowledge of the specialized requirements, complexity and execution of successful energy project management. Our team of experts, experienced across the spectrum of owned and leased facilities, is best in class.



Energy-efficiency is a direct path to savings that delivers a positive impact to the bottom line.  Utilizing our energy and sustainability platform, GMR consistently provides successful lighting audits that capture the information needed to realize significant savings.  

GMR performs interior and exterior lighting audits that follow an investigative process, measuring conditions against standards to determine where cost-effective changes can be made.  GMR collaborates with our clients to establish goals for both quality and savings.  Proper planning, strong communication skills, and a clear understanding of goals and objectives assure successful results.

The success of a lighting audit is measured by the accuracy of the information collected.  GMR performs thorough, consistent, accepted audits. Our clients can be confident that the information captured is precise, complete and easy to use by all project participants. The ability to accurately audit existing conditions leads to high-value retrofit planning and decision making.



Successful lighting retrofits include the process of evaluating, recommending, and replacing components of an existing lighting system with components that are more efficient and produce better light quality.  GMR works closely with our clients to understand their goals and desired outcomes. We work together to create product specifications that will meet budget and schedule, and result in solutions that meet both practical and aesthetic objectives.

GMR brings value added solutions to our clients. We employ our extensive lighting engineering experience and exploit knowledge of the latest and most efficient lighting technologies to find the best lighting solution. We optimize performance and deliver cost savings. As and industry leader, we have developed strong relationships with reliable, nationally recognized lighting fixture manufacturers. Our buyers work diligently to deliver the best system and component cost value to our clients. We remain product-neutral, focusing on finding the best overall lighting solution for our clients.



The goal of the California Title 24 Energy Standards is to reduce energy consumption for the benefit of all.  GMR is committed to the goals of Title 24, and recognizes that its standards are among the most stringent in the country. GMR regularly conducts reviews to identify and incorporate any legal changes into our energy solution models for lighting engineering and compliance standards, including Title 24. Meeting Title 24 requirements demands a strict compliance regimen based on clear understanding of all aspects of the law. GMR is continuously engaged with state and local jurisdictions to ensure that all lighting projects provide solutions that meet all applicable requirements.

We believe that being proactive instead of reactive to jurisdictional requirements is key to completing a successful project.  By understanding the complexities of Title 24 and staying ahead of changes, GMR can skillfully navigate jurisdictional reviews and comply with all legal project requirements.



A typical Energy Productivity Initiative asks corporate leaders to develop a portfolio of recommended energy efficiency investment. As expert energy-use analysts, GMR is a valuable team member, contributing the specialized knowledge necessary to calculate the projected return on investment. (ROI)

Within the Engineering world of energy-efficient lighting, a successful energy productivity strategy is necessarily bound to a thorough capital investment – the analysis of which includes the projected, acceptable ROI.  GMR supports Energy and Sustainability Managers by providing relevant and useful data to establish a calculable return.  With our consistent, reliable, and usable data, we facilitate accurate calculations to use for budget, forecast and long-term savings.

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