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GMR has specific expertise relating to a wide range of facility types that include Retail, Financial, Commercial, Industrial, Military, Chemical, Medical, and Campus environments. We work with large global facility partners who need boots on the ground to both gather specific site information and provide end-product findings and observations. Whether it is one location or thousands, GMR can provide resources to meet all of our clients’ needs.

GMR’s Engineering expertise is the foundation for all the services we provide. We believe that by screening all of our services through our Engineering practice tool, we bring the highest quality end-product to the marketplace. Engineering brings confidence, integrity and process driven solutions. The Engineering side of GMR validates all that we do and is the basis by which work is accomplished. The Marketplace Differentiator for GMR is the depth of our experience and the immense amount of data we can access. As a result, GMR identifies and bridges the gap between published science and practical experience.

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Working across the country, GMR joins our clients as ONE to provide detailed Facility Analysis and Engineering services.

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“A good name is to be treasured beyond great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” – Proverbs 22:1

“GMR has simplified the process. You make it easy for me. You are hands off and you get the work done.”

National Financial InstitutionSenior Vice President/Loss Prevention

“If you knew how much trouble we experienced before GMR you would understand our anxiety. But from what I am seeing you guys are alleviating that anxiety. Thanks.”

National Facility Management FirmNational Account Manager

“I can’t say enough about how reliable GMR is. I wish all my vendors were this reliable. My world would be less stressful.”

Regional Financial InstitutionSecurity Director

“GMR nailed it. GMR will always be my first choice because you’re inexpensive and flawless.”

National Facility Management FirmProject Manager

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